Presbyopia – Treatments For Reading Glasses

After the age of forty-five, the majority of patients will require reading glasses (Presbyopia). This condition is brought on by the natural ‘stiffening’ of the lens inside your eye.

Laser Eye Surgery Options:


If both eyes are fully corrected following Laser Eye Surgery, then short-sighted patients who remove their glasses to read will require glasses for close up work. With Monovision, one eye is treated to provide good distance vision and the other eye is deliberately left a little short-sighted for close-up work.

This is an excellent compromise, however it can take a long time to get used to. Monovision can be trialled by wearing contact lenses of different strengths. You should discuss this during your consultation.


Presbymax is a sophisticated software solution for presbyopia treatment with the Schwind® Amaris laser. Rapid laser pulses are used to model the corneal surface extremely accurately in a very short time, creating several focal points for all distances.

The cornea is corrected in the centre for near vision surrounded by an area corrected for distance vision with the transition between both providing intermediate vision.