IntraLase® LASIK + Wavefront Treatment

IntraLase® is a state-of-the-art laser treatment that prepares the LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) corneal flap in approximately 12-28 seconds. This ‘no blade’ procedure produces a flap that is much more precise in depth, thinner and more accurate. The introduction of IntraLase® LASIK is the biggest step forward in quality and safety since LASIK was first introduced into the UK in 1996.

How IntraLase® LASIK Treatment Works

The IntraLase® laser uses rapid pulses of energy to create your corneal flap. Each pulse of laser passes through the top layers of your cornea and creates a precise layer of bubbles just beneath the surface and a smooth, even surface once the flap is lifted.

The flap is then lifted so that the surgeon can apply the laser to reshape your cornea. It is then repositioned and ‘locks’ back into place, with natural suction. This unique process means your eye begins to heal straight away.


Benefits of choosing IntraLase® LASIK are:

  • The opportunity, when combined with Wavefront, to improve your vision to a higher standard than is achievable with glasses or standard treatment. More patients achieve 20:20 vision or better with this technology compared to standard LASIK.
  • By creating thinner and more consistent flaps, your eyes retain maximum structural strength, improving long-term safety.
  • IntraLase® enables even faster healing and recovery rates than standard methods of flap creation.
  • Flap complications are dramatically reduced, with greater short-term safety.