Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

Implantable contact lenses are also known as Phakic IOL. This treatment is generally recommended for patients under the age of 40, who do not need reading glasses. The lens we use at Eye Hospitals Group for this treatment is the Visian ICL by Staar. This lens works with the eye to correct vision.

Unlike traditional contact lenses that are positioned on the surface of the eye, the Visian ICL is positioned inside the eye between the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and the natural lens. This means the lens is invisible to patient and any observer. Once implanted, the correction should be permanent.

If your vision changes dramatically over time the lens can be replaced or removed from the eye. Since the Visian ICL does not alter the corneal tissue in any way, it may be an appropriate procedure for patients who are not suitable for surface laser treatments owing to thin corneas.

The Visian ICL contains a UV blocker that may prevent the harmful UV rays from entering the most sensitive part of the eye and reduce the risk of eye disorders.

Toric Lenses

It is usually possible to correct astigmatism by selecting a Toric version of the lens; both Monofocal and Multifocal Toric lenses are available. Toric versions of ICL’s are also available.