Dry Eye Syndrome

About Dry Eye Syndrome

Also known as Dry Eye Disease (DED), Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) occurs when the eyes are not producing enough tears, or when tears evaporate too rapidly. When this happens, the eyes can dry out or become swollen.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

This condition can occur when the tear production process is disturbed in some way. There are a host of possible causes for this, although a single definitive cause is rarely identified. It can affect people of all ages, however up to a third of those aged 65 and above may have Dry Eye Syndrome, this condition is more common amongst women.


  • Sensation of dryness, grittiness or soreness, worsening throughout the day
  • Mild sensitivity to light
  • Slightly blurred vision
  • Typically both eyes are affected

Dry Eye treatments

An Optometrist will recommend treatment according to the severity of your Dry Eye condition, and may vary or combine treatments according to the results achieved. Typically, treatment will begin with lifestyle adjustment advice in conjunction with lid therapy and artificial tear/gel supplements. Depending on the success of this treatment approach, your Optometrist may then recommend:

  • Punctum Plugs (either permanent or semi-permanent)
  • Anti – Inflammatory medication

If your condition is more acute, you may be recommended MiBo Thermoflo™ treatment. This is a non-invasive solution which can relieve Dry Eye Syndrome.

Benefits of MiBo Thermoflo

  • Painless, comfortable procedure
  • Can provide immediate relief from Dry Eyes
  • No side effects
  • Affordable solution

Dry Eye Management Treatment – Patient Care

  • A comprehensive consultation and eye examination
  • Assessment of your dry eye condition
  • Recommended treatment plan to effectively manage your condition
  • Monitoring your progress at follow-up appointments