Corneal Cross-Linking & Keratoconus

This treatment can halt the progress of keratoconus; a congenital (condition from birth) disease of the cornea. This condition changes the structure of the cornea, making it weaker and thinner resulting in a ‘cone shaped’ forward bulge.

Corneal cross-linking does not provide a cure for keratoconus but in most cases prevents it from getting worse.

Patients who previously had progressive keratoconus have now been treated and monitored for up to five years without evidence of any further change in their condition.

Cross-Linking Explained

This treatment uses a combination of Riboflavin (Vitamin B) drops and ultraviolet light that reacts with the collagen fibres in the cornea, strengthening them by creating more ‘cross-linking’ amongst them. The cornea is hereby strengthened, which inhibits the progression of keratoconus.